2021 Chevron Challenge Results

The Hay – Holes 2-3-4-5-9

Modified scotch format on holes 2, 3, 4, 5, 9
All players tee off #2
Team players alternate shot to completion of each hole
Player whose drive is used on #2 tee will tee off on hole #4 and #9
Partner tees off on holes #3 and #5

Scholarship Purse

Charity purse: $100,000 (Ten $10,000 scholarships will be awarded)
$20,000 (two scholarships) awarded per hole
No carry-overs, one tie all tie
All scholarships will be awarded to unique First Tee chapters
Each scholarship is donated to a fund in the name of the winning team

Logan Batiste First Tee – Greater New Orleans
Xavier Willars First Tee – Fort Worth
Ashton Harper First Tee – Roanoke Valley
Isabella Saenz First Tee – Greater Houston
Kyndall Campbell First Tee – Greater Washington, DC
Sydney Craven First Tee – Monterey County

Jeff Sluman
Paul Broadhurst
Ken Tanigawa
John Cook
Kirk Triplett
Esteban Toledo

2021 Results:

Hole-by-Hole Results
All tie (birdie)
 HOLE 3: Broadhurst/ Willars (birdie) – $20,000
HOLE 4: All tie (par)
HOLE 5: Tanigawa/ Harper (birdie) – $20,000
HOLE 9: Broadhurst/ Willars (birdie) – $20,000

Final Scholarship Awards:

Chevron “Xavier Williams” First Tee Scholarship: $40,000
Chevron “Ashton Harper” Scholarship: $20,000
Chevron “Logan Batiste” First Tee Scholarship: $10,000
Chevron “Isabella Saenz” First Tee Scholarship: $10,000
Chevron “Kyndall Campbell” First Tee Scholarship: $10,000
Chevron “Sydney Craven” First Tee Scholarship: $10,000

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